Pressure Impulse Test Systems for Production Testing

The Impulse Stand is designed to test spin-on filter assemblies for their resistance to fatigue failure within their envelopes. This method complies with SAE HS806 2001 Edition, Section 13.2. Six independent test filter heads test one spin on filter each. If one filter should fail the other filters will continue to run maintaining the same waveform by using a back up filter.

  • 2,4,6,or 8 Test Stations
  • High Pressure
  • High Frequency
  • Safety Interlocks

Custom Designed Software

  • Using LabView® Programming Environment
  • User Friendly
  • System Control
  • Data Acquisition

Control Panel Interface

  • Easy Setup And Operation
  • Wave Shape Control
  • Fluid Temperature Control
  • Automatic Shutdown On Cycle Counts Or Test Unit Fatigu
  • Built-In System Calibration Screen

Custom And Standard Test Fixtures

  • Swivel Test Fixtures
  • Heavy Duty And Automotive Filters
  • Inline Gasoline Filter Testing
  • Fuel Filter Testing
  • Reflective Rear Compartment Panel
  • Illuminated Test Compartment