Filter Test Stand Equipment FAQ

Frequently asked questions at Emprise Corporation.

Are Testand systems available for export outside the US with international power source voltages?

Yes, we can configure all of our filter test systems to operate on international voltages.

Can I test several different filter models on the same system?

Yes, we can provide adapters for a wide variety of filter types and housings. Some systems can even test multiple filter types simultaneously.

Are Testand filter test systems available from stock?

No, every system is built to order as most customers have special requirements.

I need to test with a special fluid. Are Testand systems compatible?

Most systems can be specified to be compatible with most fluids.

Can I specify a parameter outside the range shown in the specifications?

No problem! We can tailor the flow, pressure and temperature ranges to meet your requirements.

Can Testand perform testing on my filters?

No, we do not offer testing services.

I need a special type of filter test stand that is not shown on the website. Can I specify a custom design?

Yes! Testand specializes in custom test stands. Just send us your specs or test procedure.