In-Line Particle Counting Systems

Particle counting instruments are available as an option on most Testand filter test systems. The particle counting instruments can be stand-alone or integrated into the test stand’s data acquisition and controls. Particle counting analysis is used to augment gravimetric test methods.

  • Customer Selected Particle Counter
  • Computer Interface
  • Isokinetic Sampling
  • Isokinetic Sampling with Dilution system
  • Variable Size Sample Probes For Local Velocity Conditions
  • User Selected Particle Size Range

Custom Designed Software

  • Using LabView® Programming Environment
  • User Friendly
  • System Control
  • Data Acquisition

Miscellaneous Air System Components

  • Panel Filter Test Housing
  • Radial Filter Test Housing
  • Ideal Flow Orifice
  • SAE Dust Injector Nozzles
  • Piezometer Tubes
  • Dust Feeders
  • Dust Swirl Chambers